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View from Light Hands Reiki Studio this A.M. - photo by Marlan Warren, copyright protected

A gentleman named Bernard Schefer posted this Nov. 15th but I only just found it. Sorry, Bernard! Food for thought. It seems to be related to our Women's Self-Empowerment Group:

"Attention to yourself is not desired in any suppressive society. To become the custodian of a healing method is one thing, but to risk your life for it, is truly brave. For this, and many other reasons, these people are the unsung heroes for freedom, self-improvement, and healing methods."

Ilchi Lee

I had to look up Ilchi Lee, and found out via Wikipedia that among other amazing accomplishments, he's the founder of Dahn Yoga, which is gentle energy work related to Reiki and vice versa. 

Thank you for the comment, Bernard! I agree on all the points; with the more thought-provoking, perhaps even controversial being "risk your life for it." I have my own interpretation of how that would fit my life, although I do believe that true growth comes with ease and relaxation. 

Still, I would say that it's not just the risking of life, but also often risking the "social personality" to go against a commonly held belief in our society that healing is something an "authority figure" does TO us. One of my clients is always surprised when I ask her to participate in her healing. "I thought you were just going to fix me!" she said. But she keeps coming back, and I've had the pleasure of watching her changes lead to expansion and even occasional joy.

Many blessings on you, Bernard, and thank you for this thoughtful share.

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