Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Reiki Blog for the Rest of Us

Photo by Marlan Warren = Copyright Protected
Welcome to the first day of my first blog about the amazing effects of Reiki (fancy word for "Universal Life Force Healing Energy") in our lives. Who's this cat, you ask? She's Nadia the Reiki Cat. Yes, all cats do Reiki but this one just loves to give it to humans. The man in the photo said he felt like he got "two for one" during a class in which his wife was learning Reiki Level I (she's holding his feet out of the frame).

Nadia came to me by way of a dear friend who is suffering from the neurological horror of ME/CFS in Northern California. When I lived in the Bay Area, I'd visit to give her occasional Reiki treatments, and Nadia was the only one of her four cats who helped me.

I had one client who complained of "Voo-Doo" curses that she said made her left arm tingle when "they" were "attacking." After one session, she told me the tingling went away when Nadia laid against it. 

I've been practicing Reiki for nearly 30 years (starting with certification at the now-extinct Los Angeles Reiki Center with Usui Reiki Master Joyce Morris back in the Day), and now teaching it for the past 4 years with all the remarkable results that happen when we give and receive this mysterious energetic healing. 

Frankly I've resisted "going public" with a blog about my work for fear of losing my "street cred." As you can see by my Blogger Profile Summary, I'm a woman of widespread talents and endeavors, some more woo-woo than others.

Like those eateries that proclaim "We only do hamburgers," there are some folks who assume that if a Reiki Master/Teacher has other non-healing pursuits and interests she can't be "that good." But what does the ability to receive and send transformative energy have to do with whether or not you do Reiki and only Reiki?

Okay, yes it is true that working with energy is like exercising a muscle. The more we access it and let it flow through us to others, whether via Reiki or Kundalini shaktipat, the stronger it gets. However...when it comes to multitalents, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Exhibit A":

Nadia. This cat knows exactly where to place her body or paws in exactly the right position to take away stress and balance a chakra, but she will still chase a string around the room pretending it's a mouse. And she's just as good at both.

I rest my case.


  1. Nadia is proof that Reiki is valuable. Cat's are notoriously lazy. They don't waste their time and energy on anything inessential. The fact that Nadia enthusiastically participates in giving Reiki treatments is such a great endorsement!

    1. Yes, I agree, Kassy! Very well said. I suppose this means that when she gets up on a shelf and swipes stuff on it to the floor so she can stretch out, she has determined what is "essential." Seriously, thank you so much for sharing her. She is a constant delight.