Friday, March 22, 2013

Relax-the-Act Classes Starting Up for Actors and All Creative Souls

Actors and All Performers:

You know how important relaxation is to your acting, singing, art and career progress. Light Hands Reiki Studio offers “Relax-the-Act” holistic relaxation therapy and classes designed to meet the special needs of performers.

Utilizing the Japanese-Tibetan technique known as “Reiki,” Light Hands Reiki Studio offers special rates for actors and all creative souls from now until the end of April 2013, to encourage you to experience soothing, energy-clearing private sessions.

Private sessions (new performer clients only): $37.00 (reg. $60).

Reiki for Actors classes put you in the Fast Lane for stress management and audition/emotional preparation. Next classes are slated for::

Sunday, March 31, 2013  10 a.m. – 5 p.m. or
Sunday, April 7, 2013        10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Each class is 6 hours with a 1-hour lunch break. Class fee (a $300 value offered at $200) entitles you to 1 pre-class private Reiki session and free participation in upcoming Reiki Circles.

What is Reiki?

"Rei" (pronounced “Ray”) means "Universal" and "Ki" (pronounced “Kee") means "Energy". The technique of working with Reiki was re-discovered in the last century in Japan by the founder, Mikao Usui. It is believed to be Tibetan in origin. Reiki is life force energy. It flows through a person the way electricity flows through wires.  It is like acupuncture without needles.  The technique is a laying of hands that involves light touch or even no touch.

What can Reiki do?  Reiki can offer relief from such ailments/problems as:

  • Stress/Anxiety (returning an individual to balance)
  • Depression
  • Emotional/Mental Confusion (resulting in clearer and more centered auditions and performances)  As well as offer physical relief of headaches/backaches and other assorted muscle strains

In this class, specifically geared toward the actor, you will learn the background and history of Reiki, the hands-on healing positions for self-treatment and treatment of others. You will receive Reiki attunements to establish yourself as a channel for healing and practice Reiki on yourself and others. No prerequisite required.

All classes taught by Reiki Training Program founder/director, Marlan Warren, Reiki Master. The 6-hour workshop includes one Reiki circle and pre-class private session

Limited number of partial scholarships available for actors, please inquire

.To register call 323-347-6762 or online (Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card) at

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