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Cindy Bonaparte - Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki II Practitioner with Light Hands Reiki Studio

Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute  Reiki III Master/Teacher Training ("Shinpiden") Starting!

This 2-day course will give you the tools and skills to start passing "attunements" to anyone ("Master Level") to help them on their healing journey, and it will pass on the information, tools and skills that will enable you to teach ("Teacher Level") or continue your journey as a healer with heightened knowledge and skills.

Our intention is to enable and encourage you to gain confidence as a healer and teacher. We will include professional guidance if you plan to teach.  We will meet 8 hours the first day with a follow-up class on the second day. Your process in Level III will continue outside of the initial training, and we will meet for follow-ups.

Let's talk about money:
The class is $500 and you will receive Certification. Payment methods: Check, Visa/MC and Cash. You can pre-pay all at once or $200 non-refundable deposit with $300 due on the first day of class. If you can't make the class for some reason, don't worry--we'll roll your payment over to the next available class.

Prospective students must interview with me first to determine if this class is right for them, and if it is, we will have a private Reiki session before the start date of the class. Students must have been practicing Reiki II for at least 6 months, and received Reiki attunements from a human being in person.

For details on Instructor, the Studio, Testimonidals, please check out our website at
What does Shinpiden mean?

"Shinpiden" is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings’. Reiki Master William Rand describes the process as a continuation of your "personal journey."  This is important for most students to bear in mind because it reminds us that Reiki "mastery" is not really about what great healers we can be (although helping others recover is very much a part of the journey), but it reminds us that we are still learning. And we continue to learn on our journey long after we've received our Level III attunements.

"Shoden" is a Level I practitioner. It indicates you've received the Level I attunement that enables you to begin learning to heal yourself and others using "Universal Spirit Energy" (Reiki). "Okuden" is a Level II practitioner who has had the Level II attunement and received deeper knowledge and additional tools for intensifying the healing treatments, which now include the ability to send the energy long-distance.

What will you learn?

This course includes both Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Teacher Training. It will empower you to initiate students into all levels of Reiki. Most students will be ready to begin teaching Reiki I and II, but they are well advised to wait until they have solid knowledge of teaching and the subtle points of Reiki before teaching Reiki III.

I am here to support you in every way that I can, as you begin working with Reiki III, and as you venture into professional teaching, if that is the path that has chosen you. 

I would ask you to please wait until you have adequate teaching experience before teaching Reiki III. Not all teachers agree with this, but I question their "diploma mill" that promises a Reiki II practitioner with 6 months experience that they will be qualified to train Level III practitioners. If you decide teaching is not for you, I still believe it's essential for you to flex your new Level III attunement muscles and skills as you go into the world to offer it.

I have been working with Reiki and Kundalini energies for almost 30 years, and have no doubt that energy work is similar to working out in a gym. Its strength grows the more we use it. And when you actually begin teaching, that is when your lessons really begin! You learn so much about other people, yourself and--dare I say it?--healthy boundaries!

The class is taught as the Usui style of Reiki as taught by Mrs. Takata. The Usui symbols are included along with the Reiki Healing Attunement and some additional non-traditional techniques. I want you to know the difference between what is "traditional" and "non-traditional" Reiki.  I'm not going to call every darn thing "Reiki." But we are all free to "mix and match" whatever we think works alongside tradition Reiki (as long as we don't call it "Reiki").

The training is intensive and very thorough. It includes lecture, discussion, demonstration and adequate practice time. All issues and questions are dealt with openly in a very helpful and informative way. All attunements are explained, demonstrated and practiced so that each student becomes confident in their use. 

A manual and certification from the Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute is included. California does not require a "License to Touch" (Florida and Utah do).


Topics covered: (Bring a friend to act as a Receiver)

 • Introduction & General Guidelines
• Level I information: How to teach Level I & initiate others into
Level I Reiki energy
• Level II information: How to teach Level II & initiate others into
Level II Reiki energy
 • Reattunements into Levels I and II (as needed)
• Advanced information regarding the chakra system
• Level III information: How to teach Level III & initiate others into Reiki Mastership energy
• Pre-Attunement/ Initiation/ Post-Attunement processes
 • Mastership symbols--practice drawing and applying symbols
• Reiki Mastership Initiation/Attunement
• Practice performing attunements at all levels
 • Advanced Healing techniques and Group Healing Methods (Reiki Shares)
 • Building a Practice as a Reiki Master

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