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Los Angeles Loss Meetup: Energetic Healing Circles

View from Light Hands Reiki Studio: Sunrise

Los Angeles Loss Meetup: Energetic Healing Circles info:

After the sudden death of one of my dearest friends (36 years of friendship) just before Thanksgiving and the also sudden exit of my beloved Nadia (heart failure)...not to mention the great loss suffered in this year's Presidential Election, I realized this morning that I needed to seek what the Buddhists call "Sangha." Sangha refers to the gathering of like-minded souls in order to survive this Life with some peace of mind.

I was advised today to seek Grief Counseling, but as soon as I heard the word "grief," I began to weep and wasn't sure if I could survive a room full of sobbing people.

Then I said to myself, "Self, you're a Reiki Shinpiden. Get to using that Universal Energy for Self-Healing!" And that led me to: Sangha.

Or stated another way, these healing circles will hopefully bring my fellow sufferers out of their homes and into mine, so that I can bring my own life into balance.

If you'd like to join this group, please go to the Meetup page (see the above link) or contact me via the Contact option on this blog.


Where: Light Hands Reiki Studio (Los Feliz/Hollywood area 90027)
When: Starts this Sunday, Dec. 11 @ 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Street parking can be challenging on Sundays, so I apologize and we can re-set the time and date after the first meetup.
Donation: $10 (Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.)

What we will do: 

In the interest of time, our focus will be a more cognitive approach than storytelling, although we will definitely be allowing ourselves to feel whatever emotions come up and to share them, if so desired. 

Modalities will include:
• Chair Reiki (no experience necessary)
• Healing mudras (hand positions that create energy vortexes)
• Meditation and affirmations (as time permits)

First hour: Energy Work

Second hour: Session wrap-up with Meditation and Affirmations, followed by Potluck Lunch (it's not mandatory to stay for the meal sharing).

It has been suggested that we send Healing Energy Long Distance to those who cannot be with us. Please bring the names of those you know who have asked for this healing, and we will send energy before ending the Circle.

Nadia: R.I.P.
"Invest in Loss"

When I was studying Tai Chi, my masters would tell me, "Invest in Loss." This was a difficult concept then and even more difficult when one is faced with loss after loss. Today I looked it up & found this wonderful definition on this website:

Instead of pushing back against the inevitable "attack," investing in loss means doing the opposite of what our instincts may advise: allow the opposing energy to move through us, without resistance, thus rendering that force impotent.

Thursday, September 10, 2015




Our Official Meetup Site: Los Angeles Light Hands Reiki Shares

Website: Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute


When: Fri., Nov. 6 @ 7-10pm
and/or Sun., Nov. 8 @ 11a-2p

Where: Light Hands Reiki Studio, Los Feliz/Hollywood 90027
Contact us through the Contact Form on this page for details.

 $20 Pre-Paid via the Light Hands Reiki Studio Website.
Refund with 24 hour notice before class or if the class is cancelled or rescheduled. 
BYOC - Bring your own chair and water, please.

What is this Meetup?
The purpose of this group is to bring like-minded practitioners and newbies together for energy-healing workshops and shares. It is hosted by the Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute in Los Feliz, and will at times offer guest speakers, empowerment workshops and classes, including Chair Reiki Group Shares.

What is Chair Reiki?

Come experience the deep effects of a Reiki session without the massage table or the standard 1-hr. treatment. Chair Reiki is easy to do and fun! Learn how, if you don't already know. You'll give and receive energy healing, taking turns sitting in a chair.

Hope to chill with you soon!

(323) 347-6762  = Feel free to call with questions or to arrange a private Reiki session for yourself

Women's Empowerment Energetic Self-Hea
ling Chakra Clearing Sessions

For Newbies and Practitioners

Taking names now, if you are interested. Date and Time TBA.

$20 per session or 5 sessions for $75 - Payable in Advance

Paid reservations required. Refunds upon 24 hour cancellation notice.

Call (323) 347-6762 to Pre-Register & RSVP or E-Mail Marlan at letreikilightshine at yahoo

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