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Contact Marlan at or (323) 347-6762 for details.
 Visit Light Hands Reiki Studio Website for more info on this healing arts center. 

Light Hands Reiki Studio is located in the Hollywood/Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

New Classes Starting! February 2018!
Reiki Manuals provided for each student.
Intensive practice and instruction
Call 323-347-6762 or email to book private or group classes.

Each class is 4-6 hours with a Follow-Up session. Students are encouraged to practice after the class with friends, family and participate in the ongoing Reiki Clinic and Reiki Share Groups. Instruction Manual and Certificates. 

Each student receives the "attunement" for the proper level. An attunement is an energy transfer from master/teacher to student that amplifies the healing energy we humans already have access to since birth.

Classes are prepaid:

                                  Reiki I - $150                Reiki II - $200

We teach Reiki traditionally with suggested time between Reiki I and Reiki II classes to give the practitioner an opportunity to absorb and practice before embarking on the second level. At least two or three weeks before taking the next level is recommended. It's important for students to participate in Reiki Group Exchanges, as well as give themselves Reiki treatments and offer it to others. 

For more info, please contact Marlan at 323-347-6762 or

$500.00 (Payments can be broken up, if needed)

The training for this class is 3 to 4 days, depending on the number of students in the class. It is important to groom students at this level as soon-to-be practitioners. In addition to the Level III attunement, students receive personal attention regarding their experiences, goals and discussions that focus on the process of teaching Reiki. Non-Reiki healing modalities will be addressed as well (crystals, aromatherapy, mudras, guided meditations, etc.) for the students who wish to enhance their knowledge. Marlan will be available for any and all followups by graduates who have questions or wish to share their experiences. Namaste!

 Chair Reiki Share Workshops at a Date & Time TBA.
Reboot Yourself and start your week right! 
For Anyone. Newbies & All Reiki Levels Welcome!

Reiki Master Marlan will give Reiki Attunements to Newbies & Beginners so they may participate.

Chair Reiki takes 25-30 min. if only one practitioner gives to the Receiver. 

That time is cut in half when 2 practitioners are giving to the Receiver.

PS - Good for children too! Space is limited to 10.

Contact Marlan
Phone: (323) 347-6762 

Women's Empowerment Energetic Self-Healing Chakra-Clearing Sessions

$20 Donation For Newbies and Practitioners

Date & Time: TBA 

(Please contact Marlan at to sign up.)

Together we explore energy self-healing with the intention of clearing chakra imbalances. 

Feel centered, clear and more light-hearted about where you are and where you are going!

We are currently focusing on 
First Chakra Energy Healing for Grounding, Prosperity and Survival Success.

Chair Reiki Share (1/2 hr. balances chakras):
We take turns giving Reiki Universal Healing Energy to a Receiver who sits in a chair.

Grounding Techniques
Mudra Meditation
Chakra Healing through Writing and CrystalsIntentions & Affirmations Practice

New to Reiki? Mini-Attunements will allow you to participate.

If you'd like to hang out after, please bring a bag lunch.


2017 Press Release

Light Hands Reiki Studio Celebrates Re-Opening with Low-Cost Clinic
The Light Hands Reiki Studio officially opened seven years ago, and temporarily shut down while Reiki Master/Teacher Marlan Warren took care of vital repairs on her eyes and spirit (she was declared legally blind in 2016, but surgery has since corrected her vision). This weekend, the studio is celebrating its re-opening with a low-cost Chair Reiki Clinic for anyone in need of relaxation, pain relief, or a major re-charge of their body/mind batteries.

"Reiki is simply a non-invasive, gentle way to help people balance themselves, using Divine Energy that is available to all of us anytime," explained Marlan. "It is amazingly effective in helping people manage pain and stress."

Marlan began her study of the Japanese healing modality (there is some speculation that it originated in Tibet) in 1984 at the now-closed Los Angeles Reiki Center with the late Joyce Morris, the 44th Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage (original Japanese branch).

"My then-husband arranged for us to receive Reiki training in exchange for a promotional video that Joyce Morris wanted for the center," Marlan recalled. "I was chronically ill at the time and trying every alternative healing path that I could find."

Although Marlan acknowledges that Reiki was only one aspect of her healing process, it was "the one modality that stuck because I could give it to others, and their progress gives me extreme pleasure."

What exactly is a Chair Reiki session?

"It's not that different from a Table Reiki session," said Marlan. "Receivers leave their clothes on and just relax while the Practitioner sends energy to specific points on the body to balance internal energies. I maintain healthy boundaries and ethics throughout a session--never touching private parts."

In the 30+ years that Marlan has been practicing Reiki, teaching all levels for certification and hosting share groups, what is the biggest change she's observed?

"In 1984, Reiki was being traditionally taught, and Reiki Master/Teacher training was elitist in the sense that it required thousands of dollars," Marlan said. "The higher level training was shrouded in secrecy. And I believe this stunted the potential growth of this modality for a while until some practitioners came forward to lift the veil and make it more accessible for more people."

Sessions this weekend are by appointment only.
Details are on the Light Hands Reiki Studio website.

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Our Official Meetup Site: Los Angeles Light Hands Reiki Shares

Website: Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute


When: Fri., Nov. 6 @ 7-10pm
and/or Sun., Nov. 8 @ 11a-2p

Where: Light Hands Reiki Studio, Los Feliz/Hollywood 90027
Contact us through the Contact Form on this page for details.

 $20 Pre-Paid via the Light Hands Reiki Studio Website.
Refund with 24 hour notice before class or if the class is cancelled or rescheduled. 
BYOC - Bring your own chair and water, please.

What is this Meetup?
The purpose of this group is to bring like-minded practitioners and newbies together for energy-healing workshops and shares. It is hosted by the Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute in Los Feliz, and will at times offer guest speakers, empowerment workshops and classes, including Chair Reiki Group Shares.

What is Chair Reiki?

Come experience the deep effects of a Reiki session without the massage table or the standard 1-hr. treatment. Chair Reiki is easy to do and fun! Learn how, if you don't already know. You'll give and receive energy healing, taking turns sitting in a chair.

Hope to chill with you soon!

(323) 347-6762  = Feel free to call with questions or to arrange a private Reiki session for yourself

Women's Empowerment Energetic Self-Hea
ling Chakra Clearing Sessions

For Newbies and Practitioners

Taking names now, if you are interested. Date and Time TBA.

$20 per session or 5 sessions for $75 - Payable in Advance

Paid reservations required. Refunds upon 24 hour cancellation notice.

Call (323) 347-6762 to Pre-Register & RSVP or E-Mail Marlan at letreikilightshine at yahoo

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